5 simple actions to build trust and get quicker results at work

The "Trust to Results" mini-course and checklist for leaders is a 5 part email series that will help you build confidence, unite your team and create lasting trust.
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    Emily Rose Dallara

    CEO and Leadership Coach,

    Web 3 and Thrive Podcast

    Hi, I'm Emily!

    I am an AC accredited leadership & mindset coach who helps ambitious Leaders in Web 3 (and emerging tech) confidently succeed without overwhelm or working 24/7.

    Since 2016 I have supported teams and leaders in Web 3 and emerging tech. I led marketing teams for crypto exchanges like Liquid Exchange, OKX Global and AAX Global + more.

    My roles progressed from marketing manager to CMO in the span of just 7 years.

    Now, I help leaders and founders just like you, overcome the blockers holding them back from really thriving in not just work, but life too.

    I have seen countless of my clients burn too many bridges at work and end up feeling defeated, lonely and a failure. It doesn't have to be that way. Using the methods in this mini-course they were able to slow down, build trust and finally get those wins they longed for. I want that for you too.

    From Quick Wins to Long-Term Trust

    Are you a leader, manager or founder struggling with team alignment, earning trust, and staying flexible in the ever-changing Web 3 and emerging tech environments? This is for you.

    What's inside?

    • Real Talk Emails - Helping you build trust, and get results in days not months. Each email includes daily tips and takeaways to start taking action today.
    • Your "Trust to Results" Checklist - Everything distilled. A back pocket guide for the moments of doubt.
    • Bonus Content - Finish the emails and you’ll get access to procrastination tools and collaboration checklists.
    • Concrete Outcomes - Build trust, foster connections, help other and prove you’re not just ‘good’ – you’re remarkable.